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Ming Moon UK official website: www.mingmoon.co.uk

Ming Moon Menu With Prices UK


Chicken and Mushroom Soup£2.9
Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup£2.9
Chicken and Noodle Soup£2.9
Hot and Sour Soup£3


Crispy Aromatic Beef (Large)£16.9
Crispy Aromatic Duck (Half)£18.9
Crispy Aromatic Duck (Quarter)£10.5
Crispy Aromatic Beef (Regular)£9.9
Satay Chicken on Skewers with Satay Sauce£6.5
Sesame Prawn Toast£4.5
Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls£3.9
Fish Fillet in the Black Pepper Batter£3.5
Chicken Nuggets£3.5
Popcorn Chicken£3.5
Prawn Cracker£2
Thai Spicy Shrimp Crackers£2


Chicken Balls with Dipping Sauc£6.9


Peking Sauce£2.5
Black Bean Sauce£2.5
BBQ Sauce£2.5
Curry Sauce£2.5
Satay Peanut Sauce£2.5
Sweet and Sour Sauce£2.5
Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce£2.5
Lemon Sauce£2.5
Chilli Oil£2.5
Duck Sauce£2.5

Chicken Wings and Spare Ribs

Deep Fried Chicken Wings£5.9
Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs£7

Salt and Pepper Dishes

Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs£7
Salt and Pepper Squid£7
Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings£5.9

Popular Dishes

Chicken Ball£6.9
Chicken Curry£6.9
Chicken Chow Mein£6.5
Chicken Fried Rice£6.5
BBQ Spare Ribs£7

Sweet and Sour Dishes

Sweet and Chilli Squid£7
Sweet and Sour King Prawn£7.5
Sweet and Sour Chicken£6.9
Chicken Balls£6.9

Foo Yung Dishes

Mixed Vegetables Foo Yung£5.9

Chicken Dishes

Chicken in Spicy Szechuan Sauce£6.9
Chicken with Peking Sauce£6.9
Chicken with Mushroom in Black Pepper Sauce£6.9
Chicken with Satay Sauce£6.9
Chicken with Hoisin Sauce£6.9
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce£6.9
Crispy Chicken Fillet with Lemon Sauce£6.9
Chicken with BBQ Sauce£6.9

Beef Dishes

Beef with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£7.5
Beef with Peking Sauce£7.5
Beef with Sweet and Chilli Sauce£7.5
Szechuan Chilli Beef£7.5
Beef with White Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce£7.5
Beef with Mushrooms in Black Pepper Sauce£7.5
Beef with BBQ Sauce£7.5

Roast Duck Dishes

Roast Duck with BBQ Sauce£7.5
Roast Duck with Plum Sauce£7.5
Roast Duck with Ginger and Spring Onions£7.5

Pork Dishes

Szechuan Chilli Pork£7
Pork with Vegetables in Oyster Sauce£7
Pork Fillet in BBQ Sauce£7

Seafood Dishes

King Prawn with Vegetables in Oyster Sauce£7.5
King Prawn with Satay Sauce£7.5
Garlic Butter Shrimp with Shell£7.5
Mussels with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£7.5
Mussels in Black Pepper Sauce£7.5
Stir-Fried Squid with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£7
Szechuan Chilli Style Squid£7
Salt and Pepper Squid£7

Rice Dishes

King Prawn Fried Rice£7.5
House Special Fried Rice£7.5
Roast Duck Fried Rice£7.5
Beef Fried Rice£7
Yeung Chow Fried Rice (Dry)£7
Roast Pork Fried Rice£7
Shrimp Fried Rice£6.5
Chicken Fried Rice£6.5
Curry Fried Rice£5.9
Egg Fried Rice£3.5
Boiled Rice£2.9

Curry Dishes

King Prawn Curry£7.5
House Special Curry£7.5
Beef Curry£7.5
Pork Curry£7
Chicken Curry£6.9
Mixed Chinese Vegetables Curry£6
Mushroom Curry£6

Chow Mein Noodle

King Prawn Chow Mein£7.5
House Special Chow Mein£7.5
Roast Duck Chow Mein£7.5
Beef Chow Mein£7
Chicken Chow Mein£6.5
Chow Mein with Onions and Bean Sprouts£5.5
Mushroom Chow Mein£5.5

Roast Pork (Char Siu) Dishes

BBQ Pork (Char Siu) with Mushrooms£7
BBQ Pork with Vegetables in Oyster Sauce£7
Roast Pork (Char Siu) Chinese Style£7

Thai Curry Dishes

Thai Red Beef Curry£7.5
House Special Red Curry with Mixed Meat£7.5
House Special Green Curry with Mixed Meat£7.5
Thai Green King Prawn Curry£7.5
Thai Green Beef Curry£7.5
Thai Red Chicken Curry£6.9
Thai Green Chicken Curry£6.9
Thai Red Curry with Mixed Vegetables£5.9
Thai Green Curry with Mixed Vegetables£5.9

Vegetarian Dishes

Mushroom Foo Yung£5.9
Mixed Vegetables Foo Yung£5.9
Mixed Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce£5.5
Mixed Vegetables in Spicy Szechuan Sauce£5.5
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables£5.5
Stir-Fried Mushrooms with Garlic£5.5
Garlic Broccoli£5.5
Broccoli with Black Bean Sauce£5.5


Chocolate Gateau£3.9


Coca-Cola Original Taste£1
Diet Coke£1
Red Bull Zero£3.5
Fruit Shoot£2
Britvic 55£3


Lunch – Monday to Sunday (12:00 pm – 5:00 pm)

Child (under 1.4m)£4.99

Dinner – Sunday to Thursday (5 pm – 11 pm)

Child (under 1.4m)£7.99

Dinner – Friday to Saturday (5 pm – 11 pm)

Child (under 1.4m)£7.99

Takeaway Box Monday to Sunday (5 pm – 2 am)

Child (under 1.4m)£9.99